Here are some testimonials from recent Blog Launch Formula participants.

Leanne Regalla

Website: Make Creativity Pay


Leanne also wrote and recorded this great little song called “My Blog’s Rockin'” about her experience with Jon and the program.

Laure Cohen

Website: She Means Success

I signed up for Jon’s mentoring program as a way to “jump start” my blog launch. It has enabled me to save a lot of time and money!

Jon’s videos, MP3s, handouts, and his wonderful assistant, Marsha, walked me step-by-step through everything necessary for starting and building a blog, and an audience. I have watched in amazement as Jon’s creativity and insight helped our group members hone in on the perfect angles for their blogs.

Jon helped me add focus and clarity to the blog concept that I’ve been toying with for a couple of years. Much of the technical information that Jon shared is something that I could have figured out, but thanks to Jon and Marsha, I’ve saved WEEKS of MY time by NOT having to figure out everything on my own.

If I have a question, help is just a phone call or e-mail away. It has been incredibly enriching working with the other group members on phone calls and in our Facebook group, and knowing we will continue to help each other.

Under Jon’s tutelage, this group has taken great ideas, and elevated them to AMAZING! Based on Jon’s input, I am now a featured, twice-monthly contributor on a mom’s blog. Instead of rushing through the process of launching my blog, I am intentionally spending extra-time cultivating relationships and building lists.

I now know what I need to do to ensure a successful launch. As our group class is ending, it is reassuring to know that Jon will still be there for us helping us reach our goals. I am grateful to Jon for his support and expertise, and recommend his program without reservation.

Much Love and Laughter!


Website: Tradition Place

Working with Jon Morrow has changed my life.

I was almost a total newbie to the blogging world when I was sent Jon’s post by my brother, “How to quit your job, move to paradise and get paid to change the world.” Within seconds I was hooked and my life changed from that moment on.

I didn’t want to quit my job, because I truly loved it. I didn’t want to move to paradise, because for me I already I have a home there (I live in Cornwall, by the sea in the UK), but I have for as long as I could remember wanted to change the world, which is why I became a child and family therapist.

Deep down though I also dreamed of being a writer and it was Jon’s writing style that captivated me and how he used his own personal story to inspire, something which I longed to do.

I had been writing for years privately and in the past few years had begun writing fiction, posting bit and bobs here and there, but with no real impact. The only external success I had with writing was in publishing professional therapy-based articles. They were clinical, dry and impersonal, definitely not the direction I wanted to keep heading.

I felt driven to combine my lifetime’s knowledge, experience and skills with my love of the written word, but I just didn’t know how.

On response to Jon’s post I immediately signed up for GuestBlogging and digested everything I was getting in Jon’s videos and felt more and more inspired, but I knew if I really wanted to succeed in a brave new world and shift into being a writer, something which had always alluded me as a ‘not a proper job’, I would need more help.

Not long after I attended one of Jon’s free webinars and when he mentioned that for the first time he was starting a coaching course everything in me just leaped up said YES – that’s for me. I didn’t know how I would pay for it, I certainly didn’t have the funds, but I knew I would find a way. It felt both right and scary as hell paying a substantial amount of money not just for the course, but as a clear commitment to me and making my dream happen.

Looking back I had no comprehension of just how much the experience of working with Jon, Marsha and the coaching group would change my outlook on life.

It finally made me believe in me.

I have been challenged, inspired, spurred on and sometimes plain kicked up the arse by Jon, Marsha and the amazing people in my group who have all been important in my development both personally and as a writer.

I have finally begun to share my true voice with the world through blogging with the skills I have gained working with Jon, ironically something which I have spent many years helping hundreds of other people do.

This experience has been an exploration of myself, as much as my writing and I am still on that journey, as I mold my new blog and develop my craft. I am still practicing how to balance being congruent to myself and sharing my knowledge and expertise communicated in way that enables me to really be heard by the right people; something which Jon is superb but also has worked hard at.

Writing is a powerful medium and working with Jon for me as been about building the foundations for a new life one which I have been waiting for.

My dream is now one of freedom. Freedom to be able to work anywhere, with the right people based anywhere in the world, doing what I love the most. As I reflect 6 months on in this process I feel this dream is really beginning to turn into reality.

From here on in it’s just about building on those foundations with confidence.

All of this transpired as a result of one little email, a powerful headline and beautiful piece of writing and I am truly happy I paid Jon to change my world.

Thanks Jon, Marsha and the wonderful Blog Launch Formula group 2012.




Website: Grownup Kids Only

I learned far more than just how to run a successful blog from Jon. I learned how to build a successful an online business; from growing subscribers lists, to irresistible opt-ins, to how to position and launch courses and coaching programs. Jon’s step-by-step instructions are as simple, and as easy to follow as an Ikea assembly guide. I can’t recommend Blog Launch Formula enough.

Website: GetaBookDeal101.com




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